Summer Fashion Trends 2010 (part 1)
24 August 2010, 11:57
Whether it's the floral print, jazzy metallics or this season's subtle nude tones, there is a trend to suit your every mood this summer season.

Let’s take a look at our first 5 Must-Haves for Summer 2010
What to Wear and How to Wear It.

Nothing evokes the feeling of summer more than florals. They’re fun, flirty, feminine, romantic, cheerful and somewhat sexy. It’s all about going back to the basics by understanding that women who want to accentuate their femininity and girly side. Everything is coming up in roses and pretty florals this summer and we love it. This is a trend that is easy to wear. Floral prints and feminine silhouettes.

How to wear floral:
  • Floral should be balanced with basic and classic pieces like khaki pants or jeans, a solid colored belt wrapped around the waist, boyfriend blazer, etc. This creates an ultra-trendy but flirty look that is gonna rock this summer!
  • If you're short (5'4 or shorter) large prints will overwhelm your height so it's better if you choose smaller prints, and medium sized if you're curvy. Taller women can handle bigger prints but should go easy on the size if they're very skinny.
  • Try pairing a flowered dress with cowboy boots for a true young- Hollywood look.

Make room for the colour nude. Goodbye to brights and neons. It’s summer 2010’s top colour, and ranges from tan, khaki, cream, pearl, stone to beige. This is a huge trend for spring, however this colour can make you look washed out so it needs to be worn with understanding. It’s all about what type of nude you choose.

How to wear nude:
  • If you have a warm complexion you'll look fabulous in warm/yellow-based nudes like cream, camel, caramel, and off-white. However if you have a cool complexion you'll look better in cool based nudes like cocoa and sand. If you have very vivid colouring like really dark hair with either pinkish fair or dark skin you'll have to keep it away from your face (ex. a pair of nude coloured linen pants or wedge sandals) If you have a darker but cool skin tone you'll notice that you look better in nude than the other fair-skinned Winter women.
  • Wear a pair of nude semi-formal bottom (like for example linen pants or dress pants) with something opposite from the dressy look like a sexy floral top or a casual white tee. And top it off with glamorous sunglasses and maybe a cute denim jacket or blazer.
  • Instead of going monochromatic from top to toe throw in a bold colour with the nude. Nude is a neutral so you can wear it with whatever colour you like.

They’re an edgier type of gladiator sandals that look way more chic’er than their flat slim sisters. And if you pick the ones with a thick heel you'll notice how much comfortable they are to walk in because you use less strength to keep your body balanced when walking in them.
How to wear chunky gladiator sandals:
  • If you're skinny or/and have very thin-built legs avoid super-chunky wide gladiator sandals with thick straps unless you can find ways to balance it out, with for example an eye-catching top.
  • Avoid ankle straps if you're petite and/or have short or muscular/stubby legs as it can visually cut your figure in two, making you look shorter and wider.

Look out for this lingerie-inspired trend. You usually see lace in lingerie and underwear but now we're facing lace in evening wear as well as all kinds of daywear. Lacey dresses and see-through corsetry channels soft and feminine. Sheer fabrics give a peak of flesh through mesh cut outs or sleeves rather than numerous amounts of skin exposed through tight tops and dresses. Enter too the re-emergence of cone-shaped bras (as worn by Madonna). You can today find lace in mini dresses, mini skirts and corset tops, leaving its 'old-fashioned' rumour behind and becoming into something sexy, demure and figure-flattering.

How to wear lace:
  • If you're a little wary about this sweet, frilly look but would like to try it out start with something simple like using accent-pieces such as lace-covered jewellery or a pair of lace tights (which is a classic wardrobe piece, by the way), or you could go casual with a shoulder or neckline lace accented top.
  • If you're wearing lace on the day-to-day, remember to layer for example a simple cardigan to make it work/school friendly.
  • For an ultra-trendy look, mix casual basics with the lace. A lace mini dress can look pretty hot and fabulous paired with a tailored boyfriend blazer with roll-up sleeves and platform sandals.
  • Lace is a lovely style stemming from boudoir dressing, adding some lace in your outfit creates a softer, feminine look, but you can try stretching your fashion envelope by making it look edgy for example a pair of wet look leggings or a leather jacket.

Ruffles add a girly-girl, romantic flair to any outfit. Ruffles are great for different looks. They can either be smart, sophisticated and sexy, or they can be cute, girly and fun. Any item with ruffles can be dressed up or down.

How to wear ruffles:
  • Create a super-chic outfit by mixing ruffles with modern, laidback pieces like for example a pair of simple denim shorts and gladiator sandals. This will tone down the ruffles.
  • Ruffles can look good on anyone as long as you create the right balance. If your bottom is bigger than your upper half you'll benefit more from ruffle tops compared to apple shapes (big/wide bust or torso) because it fills out your figure, making it look like a proportional hourglass body shape.
  • Opt for fluid (long and lean) ruffles if you don't like the frilly-girl look. It looks more sleek and elegant.
  • White can be both crisp and classic or soft and romantic depending on how you wear it. Pair your favorite boyfriend jean with a ruffled white button down shirt. The same pair of jeans can be transformed into a soft and flirty look when topped with a ruffled cami.
That’s it for now, keep watching this space for our next bit of fashion updates to nibble on. We’ll cover our next 6-10 summer must-haves. Including more of “what to wear and how to wear it”.

We hope you enjoy our new summer range.

Love Lily Bird.
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5 Comments so far:
Rachael on 10 September 2010
just wondering if you only sell in SA or can we buy online?
linda on 10 September 2010
So plain yet so beautifully awesome!!!
Jen on 13 September 2010
Hi Rachael, yes we only sell in SA, we are contracted to YDE, sorry! Thanks so much for the compliment Linda!
Megan Carrie on 27 February 2011
Hello ladies of Lily Bird, I just want to say that it's awesome to see that you guys are supporting LIV.. Didn't know that it was so well known. It was started by friend's of our family. I've started a little label of my own and I've been looking for a CMT to get my stuff going and you guys have inspired me.
So thanks Xx
Jen on 8 March 2011
Hi Megan, thats really awesome! Thanks so much. Keep up the good work and stay inspired - its always the best way to live! Love the ladies of Lily Bird.
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Summer is out!!
5 August 2010, 13:15
New summer range launched today! We are shooting the range this Friday and cant wait to show you what we have been up to!

Love Lily Bird.
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3 Comments so far:
Krissy on 17 August 2010
Where are you guys based??
Kirsty Mackrory on 20 August 2010
Love the new website!!
Jen on 25 August 2010
Hi Krissy, We are based in YDE stores countrywide, take a look at our "contact us" page to find the nearest one to you!
And thanks Kirsty, glad you like the new site!
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